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Illegal characters replace icons in log after 5.0 workgroup upgrade

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I just updated our version of Retrospect Workgroup for Mac, from version 4.3 to version 5.0.


The update appeared to be successful, my catalogs, script, and client connections are all intact.


However, when I went back to review my logs, to my surprise I found that illegal characters were appearing at the beginning of my catalog and client names, as they appear in my Log.


For example, I have a set called Mac Weekly B. It should appear in the Log as "Weekly B." It now appears as:


$[*!s321,,14,+3]Mac Weekly B


And I have a client called MacRetro, which now appears as:


Copying $[*!s312,,14,+3]MacRetro


Whatt the hell? It looks like this is where the icon representing the type of client or volume should be going--how in the heck did this get screwed up? And, what can be done to fix it? I'm assuming that this isn't going to destroy my backups, since they appear to be working normally, but this really makes a mess out of my reports... confused.gif

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This is strange:


I would go to the Retrospect preferences folder under Library and remove the operations log and launch Retrospect again. If the problem goes away, then you may have had a damaged log file.


If that does not work, I would remove the Retro.config file and launch Retrospect again.


If you still have trouble, you may want to uninstall and Reinstall Retrospect.

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