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-625 - not enough memory

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I have now two times ran into Retrospect aborting the backup due to a "not enough memory" error. After the first time I increased RAM on the backup server from 512MB to 1GB and made up to 4096MB available for swap. Curiously increasing the swap did not help, but after putting in more RAM, the backup once again finished like its supposed to.


I now have 1GB of RAM in the backup server (using about 170MB when idling). According to to the taskmanager the Retrospect process did peak at about 250MB, although I understand that this may be misleading if processes are forking or something.


The disk I am trying to backup contains approximately 360 000 files occupying about 100GB.


Does anybody know what the problem is? Could the amount of memory on the server being backup up be too small?


Also I find it very disturbing that when this error occurs all the other servers in the same backupset does not get backed up - ie. the backupjob quits after this occuring.



Mikael Riska

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