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linux large file support

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I wonder if you could help me out with an issue we have with our housing provider where our webserver is colocated. The provider needs to backup our large Zope ZODB database files (+2Gb) which are stored on a Red Hat Linux 7.3 with Large File Support enabled. Is this kind of action supported by Retrospect? The provider can connect to the machine, but instead of a 3.6Gb file, his Retrospect server sees a zero Kb file! Our machine runs its own firewall (IPtables), it allows the Retrospect server to connect but then fails to backup :-(


Log files show:

> Feb 14 02:54:08 piwebserver Retrospect[27997]: FSGetNodeInfo: lstat failed

> on "/home/zope/2-5-1/var/Data.fs", error 75


Someone indicated: "errno 75 is EOVERFLOW, which I think is probably related to 2G file limits in the backup software".

Is this the case? Can you please offer an explanation if and how this issue can be solved? Our provider isn't very cooporative...


Many thanks!


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Guest psykoyiko

Yes, there is a limitation whereby files over 2gb cannot be copied by the Linux Client. Dantz is aware of this limitation and hopes to have it resolved in a future release.



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