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"Backup is already active" error

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Hi all...


I am using Exchange Agent to backup Exchange 2000 data on a Win2000 server. I was having some problems that appeared to be resolved when I reinstalled Exchange and then upgraded Agent from 1.2 to 1.3. The daily backup worked for a few days, then began to give:


03/04/03 08:01 PM Automatic copy started

03/04/03 08:01 PM Error: Server copy of "First Storage Group" not started due to error -939523591 <Backup is already active.>

03/04/03 08:01 PM Error: Exchange Server copy failed


Any thoughts?



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What happens if you unmount the 2 stores in Exchange Manager then run a full copy with the Retrospect Exchange agent. Then mount the stores back and run the full copy again?

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