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where to get mac client update?

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I am running Retrospect 6.0 on windows. I back up several mac system X clients, using client 5.0.536.

I would like to update the mac clients but can't figure out how to find the updates. I downloaded the

'Client INstaller' from the update site, but it seems to only have system 9 clients. Where are the system 10 Mac client updates?

Do I update them from windows or from the macinstosh?

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Thanks, the URL was a bit garbled but I was able to download the file to both my mac and windows machine.

But what is this file? Is there documentation for it?

What I was expecting was a file which would let me update the macintoshes from the Windows machine running Retrospect 6.0.

This file looks to be a file that runs on the macintosh.

On windows when I run retrospect 6.0 and choose


The system asks me "Please Select the Client Update File"

Where do I get this file and how do I tell what version it is?


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I downloaded the file Retrospect_5040_client.sit to one of my client macs. When I double click the .sit file , the Stuffit Expander application runs and it expands a version of the client software. The first time I double clicked it, a folder called 'Retrospect Client 5.0' was created. The second time I double-clicked the .sit file a folder called 'Retrospect Client 5.0.01' was created. If I want to get version 5.0.40 am I going to have to do this 40 times? How can I get just the most recent client version out of the .sit file?


Is there a version of the .sit file on your ftp site that does not contain every client version since the dawn of time?


This is too bad that the client updates can't be pushed to the macs.

Is this feature in the pipeline for future versions of the Windows 6.0 product?

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