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Configuration Reports in Standard Formats Automated Text Scripts

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It would be nice if there were control by external text scripts, or at least full reporting to standard text formats. I would like to provide my customers with the details about their particular backups. I would like to be able to present the exact selection of options, included files, client info, and backup logs and sessions contents. As it stands now, I either have to transcribe and manually export all this info, or drag them over to the server to point-and-click through all the screens.


I would appreciate more accountability in being able to show that scripts contacted the correct client, that the versions were correct, that verification, compression, filenames, catalog names, backup set names, etc. were set properly, that the archive logs and lists of files that were backed up are in a convenient location for me to distribute by e-mail, marked up with XML, or other more standard and automation-friendly means.


You've got a nice industrial capable product here, but it handles like a consumer product. Give us the power of command line data-driven control and reporting. I want to be liberated from mice. Nice looking product, but I don't want to have to sit here and work with it. I don't want it to control me, I want to control *it*. Right? How about all those visions of being at the beach, and getting an e-mail that the backup was successful, then clicking on a WAP page to see that a particular file was backed up sucessfully, etc.



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Just in case you didn't know: Retrospect can already export the backup report to a text file. We provide the Reports Watcher utility to publish those reports via HTML. The reports are detailed about each session and give access to the operations log outside of Retrospect also.


I agree we can improve our reporting, and we will be doing that in future releases.

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