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Overwriting during scheduled (incremental) CD-RW backup?

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I would like to have a scheduled backup be able to overwrite the same CD-RW CD, but I've noticed that it tends to always ask to insert a new CD-RW. The Retrospect 6.0 manual on p. 30 says "because a disc with any recorded data will not be used by Retrospect in unattended operations, it is a good idea to prepare rewritable media ahead of time by erasing the CD-WR".




So does this mean that if you schedule a unattended backup for the middle of the night, you can't leave in the same CD-RW CD in the drive, but have to always have either a new or an erased CD? Or does it mean you have to schedule a "recycle backup" each time instead of a "normal" backup, which would first erase then copy everything? That's what I'm assumming at this point.




So you can't do an incremental backup to a CD-RW where it just updates the changed or new files/folders (as you can do with a destination hard disk)? Looks like the "normal" backup only appends backed up data to existing data, whereas "recycle" earses the CD-RW, then copies it all. So the reason the "normal" backup was asking for new CD-RW CD is that it has filled up the original one (since it was appending, rather than overwriting changed data)?




Comments, ideas or correction would be most welcom...thank you!





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