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New Retrospect Driver Update

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Retrospect Driver Update for Retrospect 5.0 (Mac) version 3.3.104








New Drive Support Since Last Release




Dell PowerVault 122T LTO Autoloader


EZQuest Boa 52x24x52 FireWire Ext. (LTR-52246S version)


LaCie d2 AIT-1 U&I FireWire


LaCie d2 AIT-1 U&I USB2.0


LaCie d2 AIT-2 U&I FireWire


LaCie d2 AIT-2 U&I USB2.0


OnStream ADR2.60usb


OnStream ADR2.60se


OnStream ADR2.60si


OnStream ADR2.120se


OnStream ADR2.120si


OnStream ADR2.240sr


Panasonic DDS Backup Library LKM-SD21


Sony LIB-304/A2


Sony AITe90-UL






This update is available for download from:







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Has there been any change in the way this driver addresses VXA drives? I seem to have a problem that crept in with this driver that wasn't there before. It seems to make the drive sit in the record mode instead of idle when the drive is supposed to be in idle..any thoughts on this?

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