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Hardware/Backup Set Swap

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This should be easy but I'll be darned if I can figure it out - I probably need more coffee.




For a short time, I was doing some backups to hard drive. Now I have a new tape drive and need to "edit" my backup script to do the incrementals on tape rather than hard drive.




Attempting to edit the "Nightly Data Backup" script, I cannot see destination options that allow me to change it from the Backup Set that resides on the hard drive to a Backup Set that will reside on the tape drive. Do I need create a new script? If so, how can I pick up where I left off with the incrementals that will stay on the hard drive?




Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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You'll need to create a new destination - a Tape backup set.




Backup sets cannot compare against one another. In other words, Retrospect cannot incrementally backup to the tape set against what is already in the hard drive backup set. A full backup will be done to tape before incrementals can occur.




Edit your script, remove the hard drive backup set, add/create new a tape backup set.

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