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Backup of the backup

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I'm running Retro Server 5.5 on a Win2000 machine.


(That's where the tapes are.)


All is fine except for the OSX Macs that can't be backed up by 5.5


Will this work?


I get Desktop 5.0 for Macs and have the OSX boxes back themselves up to a SnapServer.


Then have Server 5.5 backup the backup sets to the tapes.


If the building falls down will I be able to restore the sets to the SnapServer and then use them to restore the Macs? With all the permissions, etc. intact?

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Keep in mind that file backup sets saved to network volumes are limited to 2 GB by AppleShare, so if there's a lot of data on the OS X machines, you may have to look at alternate ideas (i.e. breaking the backups down into smaller pieces, etc.). Permissions WILL be intact, as long as Retrospect 5.0 or the Retrospect 5.0 client is on the OS X machines, and they are booted into OS X at the time of the backup.




One more issue is that you'd be backing up to file backup sets -- a single large file -- then backing that single large file up to tape. If you do an "incremental" backup of the OS X computer, then the entire file backup set is changed and the entire (large) file need to be copied again.




It might be better to have the OS X machines run an independent backup, but that will depend on the hardware capabilities on the Mac side.




Keep in mind, of course, that our next Windows release should include OS X backup.

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