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Automatically Overwriting Tapes

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We are trying to automate a daily backup using v6.0 to have the script overwrite whatever tape is loaded in the drive. We want to Recycle the tapes and have the entire c:\ drive dumped to tape every night.




I know the option's there somewhere but its buried in the gui. HELP!

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Check out the following tutorial on setting up a 5-day rotation backup:








Once set up, you'll need to edit your script (Manage Scripts) to use Recycle Backups, rather then Normal backup (configured in the schedules for your script).




A recycle backup will allow Retrospect to automatically erase the tape in the drive, providing it is the first member of the backup set being recycled (1-Backup Set xxx). Retrospect will not overwrite any tape in the drive, regardless of the name. For recycle backups to work, the tape must be the first tape in the recycled set or an erased tape.

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