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Errors Errors and then some more

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Version 6 running on windows 2000 advance server


PII 266Mhz Dual CPU


256mb ram


3x 4gb SCSI HD's


12/24GB DAT Drive




Anyway v6 pro running on it and the client on my computer. When it tries to scan the drive or if i click preview I get an number of errors messages - seems like nearly a new one each time.


















Assertion failed at "elem.cpp-855"




I checked the client on my computer running winxp and the other computer connects fine to it. Why so many errors?!









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Professional 6.0 is not compatible with any Server OS. In order to run Retrospect 6.0 on a Server OS (Windows 2000 Advanced Server) you would need 6.0 Single Server or 6.0 Multi-Server.

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