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RS Server crash when rebuilding catalog

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Well, after checking into our backup server it became apparent that two of the three proactive proactive backup sets were 'heavily damaged'.


So, I have kicked off the process to rebuild them, selected the network drive where the files are and I appear to have a few missing files (this was from a while back when RS Server switched back to an old config with an old backup destination setting!)


Anyway, it warned me that files were missing from the backup area and then offered to show me which files... if I kick 'yes' RS Server will instantly crash. If I chooose 'no' it'll rebuild the catalog, yet last time I did this it failed with a weird no permission error when trying to write the file to a local disk.


Has anyone else seen this option crashing the RS Server? It would be really useful to find out what files are missing as I have a copy on the other storage unit!



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