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Network Link Encryption

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Dear Retrospect fans,




I'm having a problem with the option "Encrypt network link" in client configuration. Simply put, checking this option does not stick, i.e., I'm selecting the checkbox and closing the client's configuration window. No error messages are displayed. However, next time I'm opening this client configuration, I see the "encrypt..." checkbox unchecked. I did not sniff yet upon the wire, so it is not confirmed that the stream is not encrypted.




I'm backing up to the tape device, not to FTP or network disk, so the question of encryption support on source or destination, I assume, is not relevant in my case.




It happens with several (not with all, but with most) clients. Some of the problematic clients are W9x, one's MacOS X 10.2. The clients in question do have a password set, and all of them reside at the same range and subnet.




Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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