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Volume doesn't exist - BUT IT DOES! (Lacie drive storage issues)

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This one is pretty weird.

Our backup to a Lacie NAS works fine... but all of a sudden, it'll say that there's trouble writing media, showing the error -116 (volume doesn't exist)



The thing is, the NAS has plenty of space in it. If I dismiss that message, I get this:



From there, I click on "Show Members" at the bottom left, and go to the following:



The "Skip this member" option is checked. I uncheck it, and hit OK, and the whole backup resumes and keeps going until this scenario repeats itself.


I'm guessing the Lacie drive drops the connection, and as soon as that happens the backup job marks the set as invalid... but that's just plain annoying.

Is there a good workaround for this? a way to add tolerance for this kind of behavior?

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Power is fine. The NIC on it has been tested and it doesn't drop any ICMP packets during this time.

The NAS has the latest firmware that it will support.


Just to be clear: I'm certain that this NAS sucks, and is part of the problem. But I can't replace it, and I'd like to use it, so I'm trying to find out if I can make Retrospect a bit more flexible when using it as a destination backup set.

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