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Leased Line troubles

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We've been using a leased line (optical fiber) for two years. We use it to backup remote servers. It used to be slower than a file copy (±11MB/s for file copy, ±5MB/s for Retrospect) but this was workable. We do a lot of other things over that 100Mbit line, so it wasn't a problem when Retrospect doesn't use the full bandwidth.


However we recently had a Leased Line platform upgrade and there will be another one coming up soon (where the provider will switch to Cisco MPLS).


It seems that since the platform upgrade our Retrospect speed has plummeted to a mere 2MB/s at best, while a regular file copy still does ±11MB/s. It's driving me crazy! :angryred:


After a lot of testing (also using different hardware) we suspect there might be a problem between the Retrospect's way of communicating and the Leased Line.


Our Leased Line provider has asked us to provide them with the specs of the communication protocols (RFC's) used. They want to take a closer look at the problem, together with their Cisco engineers, and without those protocols that's not going to happen.


B.t.w. this Leased Line is completely transparent. So it's kind of weird we're seeing this anyway. It only seems to happen with Retrospect, everything else works without problems.

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