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Quantum Superloader 3 settings with ATTO Ul4S

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I am trying to get some rebuilds and restores going with Retrospect 6 and a Quantum Superloader3 attached via an ATTO UL4S/ Ultra 320 lvd card I believe is what its called.


Everything works properly up to a point the ATTO card is recognized by the OS and the Library shows up when Retrospect is launched. When I do a Rebuild of some of my tapes everything is going along fine until the system hangs up and I either forced to quit retrospect. After quiting Retrospect the whole os bombs and I have to restart. Also the Library has to be restarted and I have to use the ATTO config tool to rescan the bus for the Superloader 3. I have not changed any of the settings for the SCSI Card all are at default 7.


I have had a Server crash and am trying to rebuild the system. I do not know if I am using the correct SCSI settings the drive was working before.


I either have bad tapes or I need to check some of my settings for the SCSI chain.


I believe the ATTO card is using the 4.2.0 driver I'm going to update that today.


Any suggestions would be great.



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