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unable to locate my Network drive or Update Retrospect

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When I try and update to Retrospect 7.6, I get the error message File in Use:

Retrospect Launcher (PROCESS ID: 3004)

And then if I go to services and try and cancel it by right-clicking and hitting "STOP SERVICE" I get the message: Could not be completed, ACCESS IS DENIED."


though, when I launch Retrospect now it is saying that I have version 7.6.111 installed. I am unsure if it was successful or not.


The file I downloaded is Iomega_Express-EN_7_6_123au


The other problem is, and I remember this from a while back when I first got the 1TB iOmega Network Drive, is that when I go to do a back up and select a Destination Drive, I don't see my drive listed under Computer or My Network Places and if I try to add it's location by hitting ADVANCED it says Please enter UNC Path for the Volume or SubVolume and when I put in the path location (example // it then says, "Can't Access Specified Path"


What can I do??

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