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v8.1server backing up too many files

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What should be a straight forward nightly backup is duplicating the same data every night. The client is an osx 10.6.4 file server. There is no obvious difference in file meta data. Data amount is approx. 1.3 TB and it's filling hard drives media sets daily...not good. Any thoughts?

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You don't say what version of Retrospect 8.1 you have (8.1.xxx). Many (but not all) bugs have been fixed. The Release Notes bugfix list is here: Retrospect 8.x Release Notes / bugfix list


You are also aware that the Retrospect 8.2.399 update was released about 3.5 months ago, aren't you?

Link is here: Retrospect updates


Perhaps this is one of the bugs that have been fixed. No point in chasing fixed bugs.


You might want to update and then report results.



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