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Retrospect 8 and threads

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I've got a Retrospect 8.2 setup with a "single server unlimited client" license. Have about 40 client computers. The backup server has about 15TB of storage spread across several disks. I'm using a Proactive script to back up all the clients.


But, I cannot figure out how to get it to use more than one activity thread even though I've set it at 8 threads. The documentation isn't at all clear on this issue. It would seem to me that I could create the Proactive script, add all the sources, tie them into my disk media set, and let 'er fly with it using multiple threads to back up all the client computers as fast as possible.


But, no luck. I do that but only get one activity thread running. What am I doing wrong?

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Realize that multiple threads will block if competing for the same resources.


Hint: Do you have all backing up into the same media set? You might want to split things up.



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