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RS 7.7 reverted back to old storage settings!?

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Well, yesterday evening I had a surprise! We backup to an internal NAS device and then use Rsync to duplicate the backup sets on to a large external disk for DR storage.


A while back I migrated the backup sets from a shared NAS box to a dedicated one, due to needing more storage. Everything went well and the backups were running well.


I noticed that the rsync duplications over the last week were running pretty quickly, but thought nothing of it.


Yesterday I just happened to take a look at the backup set storage locations and about half had reverted back to using the old NAS storage (which I still had available in case I had to roll back), meaning for the last week I haven't been collecting DR data.


Not only that, but my catalog files are a mess as they're a mix of two different backup sets now.


Tonight I have been rebuilding the catalog files and have locked out the old storage location so I'll see straight away if it happens again.... but it's a BIT worrying!


Has anyone else seen this?


From looking at the backup set files it just started happening all by itself about a week back - too far back for me to recal any RS crashes that may have caused RS to restore an old half-migrated config file :(



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