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Recurring Backup Problem

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I'm not sure if I'm posting in the proper category for this question. If not, please forgive me, but I need help.




We run Retrospect 4.2 on our Beige G3 (OS 8.6) using a ClubMac Tape Backup.


We have 3 tapes that we've set Retrospect to backup Week One, Week Two and Week Three.


Week One Tape backs up on Mon, Wed & Fri. Week Two and Week Three are the same so as to have a rotating backup system.


(I hope I'm making myself clear.)


Normally this goes along fine without a hitch. Periodically, however, the program requests a new tape for no apparent reason. It happens like this:




I come in Tuesday morning and the Monday evening backup has went along without a problem.


I come in Thursday morning and Retrospect is asking me for a new tape so it can start the Wednesday evening backup.








I don't believe this is a media space issue, since almost 98% of the time the backup schedule works without a hitch.


This seems to happen when I have to make an unscheduled backup. When I do this I select run a script now, select the script that matches the tape,


and select Execute Now with Normal Backup selected. I think this is the area where I am messing up, but I can't figure out how.




Any help you may be able to give is greatly appreciated.


Thank you,



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What tape is it asking for? If it is asking for the second tape in a set (this will be 2-[your backup set name]), then it is unable to use the last tape for some reason.




There are a few possibilities. The tape may have filled up, or the tape could have gotten a hardware error and Retrospect deemed the tape no longer useable.




Open your Operations Log and look for any errors.




From the main Retrospect directory, click Configure: Devices - does the tape show up properly? Is the name correctly reported?




Check that the tape that you have in the drive exactly matches the name of the tape that Retrospect is asking for. Is there any discrepancy at all?




Irena Solomon


Dantz Tech Support

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