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Is it possible to use the old back up that was creaed to 7.6 to 7.7 version

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Hi can i still use the old back up of my Retrospect 7.6 version when i perform a upgrade to 7.7 version. Is this possible or i need to create a new backup set. thanks! :confused2:

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I suggest that, before you do the upgrade, you study the EMC Retrospect 7.7 for Windows Read Me:


Upgrading from a Previous Version of Retrospect


Older Backup Sets: If you are an upgrade customer, you can use your older Backup Sets with Retrospect 7.7. However, once you use a Backup Set with Retrospect 7.7, you can no longer access it from earlier versions of Retrospect.

Many people have discovered problems with the Retrospect 7.7 upgrade, and have been unable to easily go back because of this, um, feature. I suggest you review the comments in the Retrospect for Windows forum on this point.



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