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problem backing up mac client with windows retrospec 7.7

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Hey everyone,


i work for a school.


i used retrospect last year to backup the student video/photo project on the mac.


I use retrospect 7.7 on a windows 2008 r2 machine, it connected to mac os x 10.5 clients, the mac would automaticly wake up at 18h and the backup start at 18h10, everything worked fine.


now the mac has been updated to version 10.6


the version installed on the mac is :




the problem i have is sometime retrospect does not seem to be able to reach the volume, however if I use Apple remote desktop to connect a user on the mac and then start the backup it will work. it won't work if no user are connected on the machine. only certain mac are affected not all of them.


I don't know what to try anymore....


thank you


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There is a known issue on 10.6 machines where when the machine is logged out Retrospect can not access the client. Unfortunately the only work around right now is to have that machine logged in at the time of backups.

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when will this be resolve,


we choose retrospect because it was one of the few to be able top backup mac...


Right now i can't assure that i have the student project on backup.


and I have to implement this solution in 2 other school, this is a big problem for me....

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