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Server and Retrospect Upgrade

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We are looking at upgrading our retrospect v7.5.508 running Windows 2003 Standard SP2 to Windows 2008 R2. At the same time I plan to upgrade Retrospect to v7.7 to take advantage of 64bit Support. The hardware will be wiped as part of this upgrade.


Can you tell me what Retrospect components I need to backup before wiping ? I want to make sure after the upgrade the Proactive and Manage scripts are restored, disk backup sets and catalogue files etc and proactive clients can talk to the new server.


From my research so far I beleive I need to backup:-




backup sets - on a different disk which won't be wiped

catalogues - will change location from c: to d: - is this a problem ?


After installing 7.7 and licensing, I assume I just need to shut retrospect down and then copy the config75.dat, privkey.dat, and pubkey.dat over the files the new install has created. Is this correct ?


Will client backup still work with the old client until such times I can get around rolling out the new client ?


Anything else I need to be aware of ?





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Before you commit to a one-way conversion to 7.7,

I'd urge you to read the forums carefully. In particular, I'd be sure I were in a position to:

1) restore the old os and retrospect environment

2) have time enough to rebuild all the catalogs

in case 7.7 doesn't work well in your environment and you have to revert back to 7.5


My experience going from 7.6 32 bit to 7.7 64 bit

and windows xp to windows server 2008 64 in early 2010 was painful. 7.6 works well under 2008 and I'm still contemplating the move to 7.7 with trepidation. I know some of the issues I had with early 7.7 are claimed to be fixed. Maybe.


good luck,


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Hi Mark,


Thanks for the reply.


I've managed to locate two spare disks so going to rebuild using these. If it all goes bad, I will replace with the originals so should be up and running quickly. I think however I'm also going to make a backup of the backup sets to be on the safe side.


When you upgraded to 7.7, did you have any problems with your proactive clients i.e. Did the old client work OK with 7.7 on the server ?



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