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Catalog(ue) problems

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Retro Express on a Vista Pro laptop with an Iomega eGo HDD is, after a while, unable to find the catalogue file even though it is there. When I try to rebuild it it says the file cannot be written to. I have then created a new backup set but when I try to create a disaster recovery disk and select the new backup set it then says there are no snapshots or session data.


What is going on? This is so unreliable.


I had a similar problem with Retro Professional unable to find a catalogue which it then reported as heavily damaged. I have repaired it. However Retrospect does seem to have problems losing access to or corrupting backup sets.


I have used Retrospect for years but I am struggling with it at the moment. I just wish it worked. I emailed support on Monday and still no reply. Roxio also needs to sort out some URL redirects because the links from the program no longer work.


Advice gratefully received!






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