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Tape set suddenly has no members

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Retrospect 8.2 latest build. Quantum LTO tape drive, OSX server 10.6.4.


I have a tape set that has 8 members. Suddenly Retrospect is reporting that there are 0 members (see attached screen shot). It has the total number of files, size, etc correct but no members. When the script runs, Retro asks for tape number "unknown". I selected "verify" and "repair" in the media set window. Both actions seem to do nothing.


Suggestions? I would try rebuilding but I assume that would take days.

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Solved my own issue. The catalog file was corrupt. Luckily I am running Time Machine BU's of the server HD in addition to Retrospect. I was able to step back a few hours to an uncorrupted catalog file.


This is why I run TM on the server HD. Now if Roxio would just fix the TM/Retro engine stopping bug, I'd be set.

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