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Compatibility of DLT drives with USB

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We are a reseller and have a customer request for a LTO or DLT tape drive to be used on a Mac mini server running Retro 8.2.


As I have learned, there are no LTO drives on the market which provide USB or FireWire. So I found one (!) DLT tape drive (Freecom DLT-V4i) with SATA/USB2 host connection. This drive is actually based on Quantum hardware (DLT-V4 with SATA) which I also did not find in the drive compatibility database ...


Is anyone able to tell me whether this drive would work with Retrospect 8.2 when connected via USB? Or does anyone have a suitable solution for this issue?


— We are currently using HP DAT 160 drives with USB host connection and they are working very well, but our customer says he doesn't like DAT ... ;-)


Thank you in advance for your feedback!




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