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Verify sequence problem

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I use an eSata drive dock to backup to disk using Retrospect. My usual method is to do a full backup on one HD and then store that in the safe. Subsequent incrementals accumulate on another HD for a week and then another full backup is run, cycling through HDs. I recently had one of the backup disks get corrupted (filesystem only, the disk shows no SMART problems). I was able to recover all the Retrospect backup files to another disk. I decided to run a Media Verify and here's what happened:


1) It verified the full backup which was not no the failed disk.

2) Then it asked for the second disk, at which point I inserted the new disk containing the copy of the failed disk.

3) It verified a couple of files and then asked for the first disk again.

4) It spent 15 minutes apparently re-verifying files it had already looked at, then asked for the second disk again.

5) Repeat steps 3-4 for every individual RDB file on the second disk, swapping disks each time.


It sounds like it's verifying each snapshot, and thus re-verifying files that didn't change from one snapshot to the next.


Why can't it just verify all of disk 1, then all of disk 2?

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