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Backup created no extension file

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I have two files that were made by Retrospect Express 7.6 on windows xp pro sp3 that have no extension and i am unable to restore the data from these files, i know there is data on them they are 2 gigs each and if i load a hex code program i can see all the headers of the data. anyone ever heard of this or know how i can extract the data from these files?

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I am having a similar problem. My older file has the execinfo.dat file. It can be verified. The newer file set does not. I can't get ReCreate Catalog File to recognize the newer file set to create a catalog.


I can view the newer file in Explorer and see 17 614mb files and a 78mb file, but no execinfo.dat file.


What do I do now?


I at least want to restore to the full file set even though Retrospect did not properly backup more recent data files (doc and jpg, etc)


This has been a sorry backup system that only caused a false sense of security.


And Iomega says my warranty expired in mid October so no help is forthcoming.


What is the use in having a backup system if there is not help at the later date when the backup files are needed?


Someone help me please.



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