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Need help with merge/transfer of sets - details provided...

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Mattias is the name and I'm a newbie to the forum. I've been responsible for Retrospect Pro (XP) for a few years now in a media production facility and I need to make some changes. I'd love it if anyone could chime in on a few questions I have.


Details first:


Windows XP Pro, CS2

Retrospect Pro, 7.6.123

Total of 2 times 3 backup sets.

One "original" on DVD's (about 50/set, 3 sets)

One "copy" on DDS4 tapes (also 3 sets)

The media should contain identical information (i.e DVD Set 1 = DDS4 Set 1)


These 3 sets constitute an archive of projects the facility has been working on for more than a decade. The "backups" ("archival") were done by preparing the projects for archival, and then putting them into a dedicated folder on our file server. I would then manually have Retrospect backup onto DVD set X (media from that "archive folder"), and then manually start the other media set DDS4 set X (same "archive folder"). So the contents in either media should match I would think. After filling up about 50 DVD's I "closed" that set and started a new one to make disaster recovery a bit easier (rebuilding catalogs etc).





Desired action + Question:


I wish to move away from DDS4 tapes and to external HD's. Which way is the best to merge all (3) previous sets to one new drive set? I've read the text about "transfer set" and it seems to be the appropriate option. I simply create a new set, and transfer the old sets one by one to the new one; is this correct? Everything should be "merged" into this new set, yes?



Additional problem:


I know I have at least 2 members "missing" (damaged) in each set, and they hopefully do not contain the same actual data. When transferring to my new set/media (HD), what would be the best way to "fill these holes" of data? Would I need to figure out what that particular data was, or is Retrospect intelligent enough to not transfer duplicate files twice (in other words: Can I first transfer all 3 DVD sets to HD, and then transfer all 3 DDS4 sets to the same HD set, assuming that Retrospect will simply "skip" any files that already exist on the HD?)



Last problem - a big one:


The God of technology recently decided to have any new DDS4 tapes put into the drive be reported as unused media (or whatever it's called). Not so good because the tapes were filled with data. I'm now not sure if they have been erased or if this is a drive issue or a software issue. If anyone has any experience with this happening I'd love to get a clue as to where to begin troubleshooting this. The facility would rather not spend more money on a drive that is to be replaced by HD's anyways...



If you made it this far I'm grateful for your patience. I'll be even more thrilled for any help that can be given,





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Re: Additional Problem. I don't know how to fill the gaps you are referring to. (That's something I'd like to know!)


However, Retrospect will allow you to control whether duplicates are added to the resulting Backup Set. In the Transfer script you create look for OPTIONS button, then go to MORE CHOICES. Click on MATCHING and figure out which of the 3 boxes (or combo thereof) meet your requirements. Use the HELP to understand the implications of "a match."

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