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Error scanning Network, Error 1116

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New user to Retrospect here. I'm trying to Duplicate a shared folder on a networked PC, when I go to Duplicate (Also tried Backup and in Volumes) and click on "My Network" I get the following message "Error scanning Network, error -1116 (Can't access network volume)". Seems anywhere in Retrospect that when I click "My Network" I get the same message. In Preferences -> Security -> "Run Retrospect as logged-in user", if I try to change to "Always run retrospect as specified user" I get the error message "Can't grant necessary user privileges".


Specs as followed:


Windows Server 2008 Standard SP1

64Bit, Workgroup


Retrospect (On Server 2008)

Single Server Disk-to-Disk

Ver 7.6.111


Shared Folder sits on a Server 2003 in same workgroup (Admin info is the same on both)


Thanks in advance for any help.



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Figured it out, for those who need to know I did the following:


Since the Server had 2 NIC cards Retrospect was defaulting to the one that wasn't being used (But still Active). So I went to Client -> Click Network Icon and added the Network card that was being used. Shut down Retrospect then restarted, all is working.



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