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Trouble Positioning Errors

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Windows Small Business Server 2003 Standard SP2

Retrospect SBS Standard

Version 7.7.325 (32-bit)

Driver Update and Hotfix, version


Just last night we received the following errors when verifying the backup set:


Trouble positioning: "1-wdw" (114451237), error 0 ( unknown)


Trouble reading: "1-wdw" (114451233), error 0 ( unknown)


Generated MD5 digest for file "C:\Users Shared Folders\darrylk\Desktop\Generations 65% CDS\Drawings\VOLUME 3\04 mech\M0-13.pdf" does not match stored MD5 digest.


The backup runs when no one is in the office. Although the file(s) could have been left open on a workstation.


I am able to browse and write to the disk that the backset is on.



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We get these "trouble positioning" errors, and it normally means that there's a problem with the media (or dirty heads in the tape drive).


We have learned to stay away from IMation and TDK media, as we have seen a VERY high failure rate on these brands.

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I have never had a problem with Sony AIT-3 or AIT-4 tapes but depending what kind of drive you are using you may need a different brand.


BTW, Imation and TDK also have a very high rate of failure when it comes to their CD-Rs and CD-RWs. We used to use these and over half of the burns we made were unsuccessful.


If you want backup tapes I have found Lenscomputers.com to have the lowest price and they include shipping where ordering 10+ tapes. They carry almost every type of backup tape available.

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