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Retrospect forgets SQL Server

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I have Retrospect Multi-Server 7.6.123

Driver and Hotfix

3 SQL Add-On Licenses and 3 SQL servers (2 2000 & 1 2005)


I have a backup happening everyday night that copies DBs & Logs only and every weekend the rest of the server.


Every night Retrospect forgets about 2 SQL server instances (randomly 2 out of 3)

I get the following error in the log:

1. Script error: no source volumes specified

2. Script "Daily DB1" failed during automatic execution, error -2010 (no source volumes specified). Please launch Retrospect and check the log for details.

and the same thing for a second server

third one works.


When I check the script, I find that the source is not specified.

I browse to the server, and find that there is no SQL server found on that machine. If I check properties of that server and click on Volumes tab, retrospect finds SQL server and offers to use existing SQL license. Now SQL is showing for that server.


If I run the script manually then, it will work without any errors.


How can i fix that?

Thank you.

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I believe this was an old bug. Download the trial to 7.7 and see if you still have the problem. This error could be fixed in 7.7

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Only the add-on licenses work with both versions. You would need to get an upgrade for the application license.

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