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Exchange Mailboxes Error -3420

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we've got Retrospect Multi Server Version 7.7.325 (32 Bit) Driver-Update and Hot Fix Version


Retrspect is running on a Dell Server R300, MS Windows Server 2003 RE SP2.


We do for years backups of our 100 MS Exchange Mailboxes with a skriot.

(the exchange server is on a different server).


Yesterday only 30 mailboxes will be backuped.

Today no Mailbox will be backuped with this error:

30.07.2010 00:20:30: Copieing from MaMu on EDOM04

T-9: Create MAPI session failed: Exchange MAPI/CDO may not be properly installed.

scan incomplete, error -3420 (unknown).


Do you have a solution?

We did the mailbox backups for over one year without en error!!!





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in my case I have to reebot our exchange server and know I can see and backup all my ms exchange mailboxes with retrospect.

I think it was a ms windwos update.



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