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8.2 Production worthy?

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Should I dare upgrade?


But if you're unsure, or if your production environment requires specific uptime, you should qualify the new release before releasing it into the wild.




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i am still seeing engine crashes under 8.2 that i did not see (at least not as often) under 8.1.


i can't say much of anything specific about the nature or cause of these crashes. there is no crash dump left behind by the engine. there is little in the system logs. there is nothing in retrospect's main log.


this problem was present (for me) in 8.2B and i reported it a few times in the beta forum.


unfortunately, i'm afraid i don't see how any progress is ever going to get made on this, since i don't really have anything solid i can put in bug report.


in the old version of retrospect (6.X), i seem to remember it was possible to turn on detailed logging for the purpose of troubleshooting -- perhaps something like that is called for here. at present, in my opinion, retrospect does a bad job of logging from the point of view of being able to tell what was happening at the time of a crash.


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Sounds like you have a good reason to call tech support, I was instructed to modify several values in an INI file buried deep in the 'Library/Application Support/Retrospect/RetrospectEngine.bundle' and it turned on a whole host of log details. I would offer you the instructions I was presented but I suggest you talk directly to tech support.


System specifics:

  • Intel Xserve (10.5.8 Server, 2 x 2Ghz, Apple Raid card, 3 x 750GB Raid 5, 10GB RAM)
  • EMC Retrospect Single Server Unlimited 8.1.626
  • Advanced Tape Support enabled
  • Apple 4Ghz 4 Port FC Card (driver 2.02)
  • Brocade 200e Fibre Channel switch (connected to Apple FC card)
  • Promise 610f 9TB (Raid 5, 4GB FC controller, connected to Brocade)
  • HP StorageWorks 4048 LTO4 dual drive w/4GB FC controller (connected to Apple FC card)

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I was using a script to restart the engine after it crashed. The beta crashed 26 times between June 25 and August 8th. The next day I installed the release version without changing anything else and it hasn't crashed in the last 10 days. So that problem is at least partly licked.


I think the program is still "editing" its own settings though. Will do all the scripts from scratch and see if they are staying put.

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