Hi!   We implanted Retrospect multi-server 7.6.123 a few time ago, and the backup server has a little disk space. Now I get more disk, with redundance and I need to migrate the data from the old disk to the new disk, and the old disk will stay only to the catalog files. Well, how can i move the backup sets? (each cliente have a backup set, and now we have about 15 clients). With a test backup set i try move the directory from explorer and repair the catalog, but this don´t work. I also try the option transfer backup set, but this option don´t transfer all data in the backup set do the new set(a backup set with 100gb, it copy just 50gb for exemple), and the next backup after that(remaking the script to the new set destination), retrospect make full(not incremental). So... How is the right way do move the sets to the new disk, rebuil the catalog, and continue making the incremental backup?   Tks a lot!