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error -1001 (unknown Windows OS error)

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I am using Retrospect 5.5 for Windows.


I have a frequent problem with the following type of error message when I try to add incrementally to an existing backup set, which is located on a Windows network share (not mapped to a drive letter):


+ Executing Immediate Backup at 7/19/2010 4:30 PM

MapError: unknown Windows error 1,224

TFile::SetEOF: SetEndOfFile failed, \\Betty-pc\Peter Backup\Backup Set E.rbf, winerr 1224, error -1001

Can't access backup set Backup Set E, error -1001 (unknown Windows OS error)

7/19/2010 4:30:36 PM: Execution incomplete

Quit at 7/19/2010 4:31 PM


I am running Retrospect on my machine, pushing the data from my machine to a backup set located on a share on my wife's machine. Both computers involved are running Windows XP Pro SP3. I can create a new backup set on the same share. I can restore files from the same backup set (Backup Set E) that I am attempting to add to. I can forget about and re-open the backup set. I can write files to the folder, and I can edit and change those files using other software, e.g., Notepad.


When I attempt to use Immediate Backup to add incrementally to the existing backup set, Retrospect opens a separate file for the catalog, I think, entitled ???.rbc.rbc. It writes a little to it, then it hangs.


I have done the following with no success:

Turned off Windows Firewall

Entered Retrospect 5.5 as programs that are allowed by the firewall on both sides.

Reinstalled the Retrospect 5.5 software.

Changed permissions on the directory in which the backup set is located so everyone has full access to the files.


I am running as a person with Admin privileges. I am using a Linksys router to connect several computers in my office. I am not aware of any connectivity problems with the router.


Any ideas how to fix this?

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It looks like Retrospect is trying to set an end of file on the rbf file and it unable to due to a Windows error. I was able to find that error online that stated this "The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open" not sure how you would fix it, maybe a catalog rebuild. I have seen a lot of problems crop up when saving a file backup set to a network share and since you are using 5.5 that is the only type of backup set you can create to a share. You might want to consider upgrading to 7.7 or at least downloading a trial as 5.5 is really old and is no longer supported. Plus you can create a disk set so you can save the catalog locally.

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Thanks, AndrewA. That seems like sound advice. I was considering that, but this is one last-ditch effort to see if I can make 5.5 work. Certainly a free trial would be a way to go.


The funny thing is that 5.5 has worked fine for me in this same general configuration. This error depends on something that I do not understand, such as the phase of the moon.


By the way, why would I want to keep the catalog locally and the backup set remotely, other than to circumvent a bug? The idea (to me) is to keep the backup independent of the computer that might crash.

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It is not really a bug, the catalog file is updated constantly during backups and it is what Retrospect relies on to determine where the data is saved where it can access it at. When the catalog file is saved on the network it has a higher chance of getting corrupted as if there are any lost packets or if the machine loses connection to the network can result in a corrupted catalog or it could lose track of where the catalog is and would need to be re-pointed to it.

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Somehow I am not quite convinced by that argument, Andrew. As I said earlier, I can restore from the backup set just fine, so the catalog is not corrupt as it stands. I can copy many large files over the LAN without problems. My LAN is reliable. Retrospect is the only problem. It seems to me that Retrospect is being fussy. My theory is that the fussiness is Retrospect 5.5's inability to cope with real life, probably a communications bug. If packets are being lost, why does Retrospect have a problem with it but Windows does not?

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