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8.2 & Optical Drives

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Are optical drives working in the 8.2 Beta?


I need to be able to use dvds for backing up. I can not get 8.1 to work with any optical drive including ones that are officially "qualified." These are known working devices for other tasks.


I've turned on "optical device support" as described in the knowledge base article.


Retro sees the drives but doesn't recognize when media is loaded. It just keeps asking for media. I'm using high quality Verbatim DVD-DL s. It doesn't even spin the discs. It's like Retro can't control the drive at all. I've tried all I can think of but really do not have any more time to try and get this broken POS software to work.


If someone's got this working in 8.2 that's all I need to know.






MacPro 2x 2.6 Xeon, 3GB Ram, 10.6.3, LaCie DVD 16x ext firewire burner as well as stock burner (which I know the latter is NOT qualified - more ridiculousness).

Retro 8.1.626 RDU 8.1113

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