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Hello all,


we used to have a DLT Backup system under Mac OS9.

I remember that the sofware we were using was Retrospect but I don't seem to recollect the exact version number.


Long story short - the G3 OS9 is long gone but the tapes and the drives are still around. A friend has an old Windows 95 PC with a SCSI card that I could use to re-build the tapes.


Question is whether this is at all possible when the original backup was done using Retrospect under OS9.


Any ideas???


Many thanks


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You would not be able to restore with a Windows version unfortunately, your best bet would be to get another G3 machine and install the version of Retrospect that you used. You might be able to go to an OSX machine and use version 6 to do the restore, though if that doesn't work then the first option would be your only choice.

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