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win 7/64 Retro 7.6 volume won't mount

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Retrospect 7.6.123



Win 7, 64 bit

I've got a QNAP TS-809PRO NAS device setup with a windows share. From Win 7 I can mount the drive (\\a.b.c.d\backup) with no problems, read, write to it etc.


From Retrospect when I try to add it as a volume (Network...Advanced... unc set to \\a.b.c.d\backup it puts up the username/pw dialog, I type in exactly what I used from Win 7 and Retrospect comes back with error:

Can't access server using the given username and password, error -1116(can't access network volume)


I've triple checked I'm using same username password, it's not a caps lock issue etc.


I can use same version of Retrospect from Win XP Pro SP3 and mount the volume with no problems.


So I'm guessing this is some odd Win 7/64 bit, Retrospect 7.6 anomaly and I need to get a newer version of Retrospect but I just want to confirm



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