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MAPI Session Failed

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Exchange 2007 Agent Client backing up to server version 7.7.325, 64 bit today starts reporting T-9: Create MAPI session failed: Exchange MAPI/CDO may not be properly installed. Scanning incomplete, error -3420 (unknown).


I am also getting quite regular other messages about client being "reserved" unable to access etc.


Why, if the exchange server doesn't update and doesn't reboot (I have a schedule to reboot server every two weeks) do these errors start showing up until I reboot the exchange server?

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The biggest thing I would like to know, is WHY would I need to re-install MAPI? The system is running fine for about two weeks with no re-boots or errors and then "boom", Retrospect Errors.


BTW: I had restarted the Retrospect client on the Exchange server and then the errors cleared.


It seems that I have to reboot the Exchange server or restart Retrospect services to clear errors more frequently than I do for any MS Updates or patches.

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