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Retrospect 7.7 - Windows 7 - Activity Monitor

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I'm using 7.7.325 (64Bit) on Windows 7 64 Bit.


Everytime I start Retrospect I'm asked by Windows If I would allow the programm to do changes... It's running with admin rights and I don't want to see this message. Any idea?


Activity Monitor:

In the setting I selected to show the activity monitor (retrospect icon) in the taskbar which is not working. When my script runs automatical I don't get any info that backup is running or when it's finnished. On Windows XP the software started and I could see the backup is in progress. Now I have to start manually the software each time. How could I changes this?

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The message about allowing retrospect to run is coming from Window's User Access Control, you would have to turn that off to stop that message from displaying. Though you might want to read up on UAC before deciding if you want to disable it.


Another change from XP to Vista/7(even 2008) is that with program like Retrospect where the program auto-launches Windows is putting the program into a different session that you can not see. That is why the activity monitor was added, you can launch that while Retrospect is running and you should be able to see if anything is running an if necessary stop Retrospect and launch it so you can see it. Unfortunately there is no way around this other than to leave the application open.

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I am also trying to figure out Activity Monitor now that I am using Windows 7. It doesn't seem to show anything useful that I can see. Just a gray box with a power button. What happens if something goes wrong with the backup; for example, if the external hard drive I use for backups is not present or is turned off? Will Windows 7 display a message? Will Activity Monitor show a message? Previously, Retrospect would pause the backup and prompt for a new member of the backup set. Without access to this dialog, does the backup remain stalled in the background?

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