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HP Ultrium Gen 2: Keeps ejecting tapes!

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Hi All,


I've got an HP Ultrium Gen 2 tape drive. If I reuse an old tape (that was originally used with BackupExec), Retrospect will ask me if I want to erase the tape, I say YES, and the tape works fine until it is full. That's great.


We just got a box of new tapes. They are exactly the same media as the old tapes (genuine HP media, same part #, etc.), and if I put one of these new tapes into the drive, it spins for a while, then ejects the tape. I can't do anything with them.


What am I missing here?






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This is happening to me today! Just trialling Retrospect to replace BackupExec 9 on Windows XP.

I have managed to run some backups but this tape just keeps popping out.

What do I do? What is going on?

Thanks - Peter

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Check the operations log to see if any errors are being reported when the eject happens. If you still have BackupExec installed, you need to make sure it has been removed, because it can load drivers that will conflict with Retrospect.


Just prior to the tape ejecting, what is displayed under Configure>devices? Does it say Running? What status is displayed while the tape tries to load.

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