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Any issue with running multiple backup programs

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So, here's food for thought. Does anybody know if there is any issue with running two different backup programs on your system? Not talking about them both doing live continuous backups. I don't like putting all my eggs in one basket, so I have Retrospect backing me up in the morning and Acronis backing me up at night. Retrospect backs up to a file server and Acronis to an external hard drive. Mainly, I am interested in how each program does an incremental backup of files that the other program is backing up. I know there is this Archive bit set on files. Do these programs actually use this bit for determining incremental backups, or are they comparing file by file? I know you probably can't speak for Acronis, but I know you can speak for Retrospect ;-) Thanks!

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Retrospect does not look at the archive bit. Retrospect has its own way of handling backups (snapshots, backup sets, catalog files etc) which should not interfere with any other backup solution.


The only problem I see is when both backups are running at the same time. But you seem to have thought of that already.

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