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Running multiple releases of Retrospect on same computer

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I just received a couple of Iomega USB drives for external backup to replace my older smaller capacity backup drives, and they come with a copy of Retrospect Express 7.6, which I would like to try and if it passes muster, order the Professional upgrade for this release.


I am currently running Retrospect 6.0, last update, on this computer, have been for many years. I don't want to replace it until and unless I decide to upgrade to the latest Retrospect Professional version.


When I install Retrospect Express, will it replace the current 6.0 Professional copy, or can I elect to have both versions running on the same machine at the same time?


Thanks, DD

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Bummer. Any workaround? I can't even install it on my test system (same machine, different boot) since I use it to restore my production system in the (hopefully never again) event that it goes south. I've done that a couple of times in the last several years with Retrospect and it saved my butt. So what are my options? Stay with 6? Is there a real good reason to move up to Retrospect 7 as long as I'm running XP? (I don't plan to go beyond XP until I upgrade my hardware maybe five years from now.)


Thanks again, DD

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