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LTO3 to LTO4 upgrade

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Hi all


I have replaced our Quantum SL3 LTO3 tape library for a HP MSL2024 LTO library. Both SCSI.


Last nights "Normal" backup ran very slowly 490MB/min compared to the usual 1000MB/min (approx). This obviously surprised me.


I have continued to use the existing catalog file and simply skipped to a new LTO4 tape. Do we think this could be the problem?


No changes have been made except a new library, same host, scripts and perhaps crucially, the same catalog file.


The tapes are new of course.


Any ideas? I have looked through the forum but turned up nothing.







7.6.2 (latest)

2003 Server

HP GL360 G5 Host

HP MSL2024 1760 SCSI library/drive



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Go into Device Manager and make sure the Windows driver for the tape machine is disabled. I've seen this be the cause of a slowdown before.

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