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SQL Server License tells me its an invalid license

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I just moved Retrospect 7.6.123 for Windows with:

EMC Retrospect Multi Server WIN 7.5 -ESD

EMC Retrospect 7.5 Val Pkg WIN 7.5, ESD


and when I try to license SQL server, it tells me... "Sorry, that code failed."


In the License screen, it has:


Application -- Multi Server

Backup Clients -- 7

Add-On Value Package -- 0 used, 1 available

SQL Backup Add-on -- 1 used, 0 available

Exchange Backup Add-on -- 0 used, 1 available.


But when I try to enter in the Value Add-on license, I get that message.


And under the Volumes Database list, SQL Server has (not licensed).


What is wrong?




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Retrospect can only use 1 Value Pack license. If you already have a value pack in use, you can not add a 2nd value pack.


The licensing screen says that you have 1 SQL license in use. You would need to purchase a 2nd SQL license to add a 2nd SQL Server

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