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7.7 cluster restore problems

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There's another issue with 7.7: it does not restore Server 2008 cluster information correctly. I know that the Retro documentation states that Retro does not restore a clustered state, and that the cluster will have to be recreated after the restore, but 7.6 actually DID restore the entire clustered state without issue.


I found a way to get 7.7 to restore a Server 2008 cluster state in a round about way, however, by using the Retrospect RegCopy program (included with every install of the Retrospect client). The procedures are as follows:


1. Use the RegCopy program to back up the client’s registry.

2. Back up the client with Retrospect.

3. Wipe the client clean, reinstall Windows Server 2008, reapply all Windows updates, and reinstall the Retrospect Client.

4. Restore the client.

5. Use RegCopy to restore the client’s registry from the data in step 1.

6. Reboot the client.


I've reported this to EMC.

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