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Can't back up COM+ Class Registration database

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My 2-28-10 post #135972 regarding 1101 error "Can't back up COM+ Class Registration database†drew no replies. The same error message continues to repeat in my Retrospect backups . I have been running dual backups with Retrospect and Windows 7’s newly enhanced Backup and Restore application. Since the Windows 7 application does not report the same error, I had an email consult with Windows 7 support regarding it. As I now understand the situation, and I could well be wrong, the error message is saying that Retrospect could not find the database in the Windows Registry and, therefore, could not back it up. The Windows 7 support person is implying that the likely reason the database is not being found is that it was moved in Windows 7. If this is the cause of my issue, can any Oldie out there inform this 76 year old Newbie, if a patch or upgrade exists or will be forthcoming to point Retrospect version 7.6.111+ in the direction of Windows 7’s COM+ Class Registration database ?


Relevant extracts from the above mentioned email consult follow:


“--- Basically the Component Object Model (COM) is a binary standard for writing component software in a distributed computing environment.

The original Win32 implementation stored component identifiers (GUIDs) and other COM state in the registry under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID.

The current generation of the Component Object Model, COM+, offers a registry-independent database for storing component registration information: the COM+ Class Registration Database.

The COM+ Class Registration Database supports a VSS writer, which allows requesters to back up the registration database using data stored on a shadow-copied volume.

As far as my understanding goes the Retrospect application is looking for the COM+ Class Registration Database under the registry but in Windows 7 its under a different location which is independent of the registry as Windows 7 Backup & Restore feature is aware of it it does the Backup without any issues whereas the Retrospect application is not aware of this change.â€


“Q - Is the "COM+Class Registration Database" the same thing as the Windows Registry?

A - Yes, Component Object Model (COM) is a kind of model used for writing the registry in a distributed way like when you open registry you see them in trees.

Q- If so, does the error message being reported by Retrospect mean that it is not backing-up the Windows 7 Registry?

A - Not Sure, because I dont know how exactly Retrospect takes a backup of the registry if it just a simple export to .reg format or some otherway because if its the simple export .reg format which anyone can do then this error probably shouldnot be there probably its using a different method.

Q - Does Windows 7 Backup and Restore backup the Registry?

A - No, Windows 7 Backup & Restore only back's up files & folders whereas Retrospect does a complete System Image for that Windows 7 has its own feature of complete system image. The reason why Backup & Restore doesnot backs up registry becuase that functionalty is handled by system restore.

Q - Where in Windows 7 was this database relocated to?

A - I dont know the exact location but its there in the system32 folder for more details you would have to refer to MSDN/Technet forums.

Q - Retrospect did not report the same missing database error for any of the weekly backups done during the first 2 months after Windows 7 was installed. How could this be possible? Was there a automatic Windows 7 update that made it happen?

A - Not sure. Again these kind of answers can be provided by the programmers so again I would have to refer you to MSDN/Technet forums.â€



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7.6 is not supported under Windows 7. You must use Retrospect 7.7.


I just started to get this error: ( Can't back up COM+ Class Registration database, error -1101 ( file/directory not found) )


...and I'm running 7.7.


Is there another issue?

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